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Looking to submit personal or company income tax ? Needed to file tax return as income proof to buy a house? Don't worry we got you covered! Our team of experienced professional will advise you accordingly. All you have to do is give us a call or fill in the enquiry from below.
Starting from RM200
  • Personal Income Tax Submission (with salary, rental income, enterprise & partnership).
  • Advising in assessment and collection procedures, appeal procedure, tax legislation and practices.
  • Issue EA form, PCB, and Form E.
  • Providing tax saving plans & advisory from time to time.
Company / Enterprise
Starting from RM500
  • Company Tax Submission (Trading, e-trading,manufacturing & investment holding company).
  • Advising in assessment and collection procedures, appeal procedure, tax legislation and practices.
  • Negotiating and discuss settlement terms with tax authority
  • Corporate tax saving plans & advisory from time to time.
Starting from RM350
  • Expatriate income tax submission
  • Veryfing tax residence status in Malaysia
  • Application of certificate of residence (COR)
  • Reviewing remuneration package & providing tax saving plans

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Affordable pricing
Fast response time
Free business consultation
Tax saving advices from experienced proffesionals

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s our pleasure to answer any questions you have

Well, its simple. Just give us a call or fill in the enquiry from below. Our team will advise you accordingly on the procedure based on your case.

Yes you still need to file tax return, even your business does not have profit. This is important if you needed your loan to be approved to finance your house. You will be required to show your tax acknowledgement receipt as a financial proof to process your loan application

To simplify, tax reliefs can help reduce your tax payable. So if your'e looking to save on paying tax, you should seek for an professional to help you on planning your tax reliefs. We will give out a checklist for you to fill out and avise which type of relief you that you are eligible to claim

You can use an income tax calculator to verify the monthly tax deduction calculation. Another way of verifying it is to check with the income tax schedule.

Available channels are: LHDN counter, by post,through online e-filing platform, via ATM machine or we can pay on your behalf.

About us

KJ Tax Consultants is the new generation of the taxation industry today. Established in early 2014, we were awarded 'The Fastest Growing Firm' six month into our business operation. While we are carrying a new and fresh image coming into the industry, our team consist of experienced and enthusiastic proffesionals that focus on providing top notch tax saving & consultancy services.

We develop relationship and work closely with our clients by understanding their needs and add value by offering creative advice and effective solutions. Our depth of technical ‘know-how’ makes tax issues and compliance less technical and complicated. We seeks for legitimate tax savings to improve our client’s financial results.

Following our philosophy and hardwork, we are grateful that our clientele recognise us as a quality provider and will continue to deliver and inspire them with our excellence.

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